BACCARAT ROYALE – LIVE – Android Mobile Casino Game

Platform: Android
Released: July 23, 2015
Last updated: July 23, 2015
Pricing: Free


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Play Baccarat Live, the most authentic baccarat game to play with friends and millions of others around the world with unlimited entertainment, top-tier graphics.

The game lets you play the single player and multiplayer

I. Single Player & Multi player
•  Quickly Join a table, make some virtual cash and leave
•  Play Live with people around the world in real time
•  Chat with other players on the table
•  Choose a table / tournament based on your virtual betting capacity
•  Send In-Game gifts to table mates

II. Spend your coins to buy virtual items on the Shop and compare your rankings on the Leader Board.

III. You can invite and play with your friends or join the table they are playing in right away. You can make friends at the table as well.

IV. Bet on Banker, Player, Pair, Tie bets & Comprehensive statistics,Squeeze play are also available.

Baccarat is a casino card game played in Las Vegas, Macau, and all over the world and known by a variety of names: Punto Banco, Bacarat, Baccarrat, Baccaratt, mini baccarat, chemmy, chemin de fer, a deux tableaux, and baccarat banque.

Try our Baccarat Royale Live, Now! We are sure you will love it.

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