MOJO CIRCUS – KIDS ( FREE ) – Android Mobile

Platform: Android
Released: Jan 24, 2015
Last updated: Jan 24, 2015
Pricing: Free


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MoJo is new to the Circus! Needs your help performing various stunts & avoiding obstacles, enemies!
Help him master the following three modes of play in MoJo Circus, developed particularly for younger kids and babies.
1. Ring of Fire,
2. Zoombao Monkey
3. Rolling MoJo

Various Features include
- Bright, Fun, Friendly Effects and Sounds.
- Single touch interface and Easy to Play,
- Five different super powers – Bulk, Captain Galaxy, Red Man, Black Man, Super Hero!
- Progressive game play with lots of candy, and ressurect option to keep you going.

Highly Addictive for all audiences! Why wait? DOWNLOAD NOW for your kids and yourself !
Download it here –